Illustration of Laura Salgado sitting on an orange pouf, wearing a Tom Petty shirt and leopard print leggings

Laura Salgado Front-end Developer

I have 5 years' experience as a Front-end Developer, and I live in Toronto.

I’ve completed the HackerYou (now Juno College) full-time Web Development Immersive Bootcamp in 2016, as well as the HackerYou JavaScript course taught by Wes Bos.

Skill Set

  • HTML5

    • Purposeful and accessible semantic elements
    • Optimal SEO practices
    • Responsive and highly performant images
  • CSS3

    • Sass
    • Responsive design
    • Modern layout methods
    • Design and development of subtle UI animations
  • JavaScript

    • Including features up to ES9
    • Generally vanilla
    • RESTful APIs / Ajax
    • Enjoy learning frameworks
  • PHP

    • Custom themes for WordPress
    • Experienced with PHP customizations of many popular plugins including WooCommerce
  • GitHub

  • Gulp

  • Babel

  • Adobe

  • Sketch


My work is built to meet WCAG 2.1 AA level accessibility requirements.

I have extensive experience with updating inaccessible legacy codebases to meet the current legal requirements as developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

I take pride in writing code that is compassionate and will be inclusive of the greatest number of people possible.


I've been learning all about functional components, class-based components, hooks, and Redux with the help of Stephen Grider’s fantastic 'Modern React with Redux'.


Screenshot of homepage

  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • CSS Animations

At officialCOMMUNITY, we had the privilege of working with Sony Music Canada to bring their opulent designs to life for Celine Dion.

To fulfill their specific vision, I coded parallax images that animate from blur to sharp focus, parallax scollling text areas, and navigation menu transitions.

Check out the CodePen I used to workshop my scrolling animations.

I coded most of the custom WordPress theme, which also includes some contributions from our front-end team members.

(Sigh!) I get wistful writing about the project details from my own personal dream client! Doing this work was such a pleasure for me.

Screenshot of homepage

  • Custom Wordpress Theme
  • Design

At officialCOMMUNITY, I designed all aspects of this website to complement the Dire Straits frontperson's most recent album, ‘Down The Road Wherever’.

I built the custom WordPress theme to showcase his various content types, including a library of all past concerts with a retail offering of each date's authorized audio recording.

I also applied functionality customizations to his WooCommerce Store.

Screenshot of Animal Movie Generator showing film results starring The Lion, Movie Posters for The Lion King and others

Animal Movie Generator

  • JavaScript App
  • APIs / Ajax

Using 'The Movie Database' API, I wrote this app to inspire a new way of finding your next must-watch.

Now you can find movies starring your favourite animal!

I enjoyed adding fun surprises on the dynamic film perforations.


Please Contact

I'm accustomed to tight deadlines and the highest standards.

My dream role would be on a team that encourages big challenges and promotes ongoing learning.

Photo headshot of Laura Salgado